Students expressed the need to strike a healthy balance between books and mobile phones

Library club ‘Raah’ of DAV College-10 told the importance of books even in the age of internet through drama

CHANDIGARH, 28 MARCH: RAAH, the Library Club of DAV College, Sector-10 staged a play entitled “KEETAB BIMAR HAI” in front of the library on March 28, 2023. The show started with creative student members of RAAH- the Library Club bringing to light the over penetration of Facebook, WhatsApp etc vis- a-vis sheer neglect of books. It went on with books reminiscing their good old golden days when they were most sought after by everyone from students to senior citizens.

In an entertaining and interactive manner, students highlighted the need for striking a healthy balance in both the vital modes of knowledge i.e., book and mobile. The street play conveyed the message that books are evergreen and will always be an integral part of human growth.  The books can be supplemented but cannot be replaced with internet. The play saw the light of the day with the active support of college principal Dr. Pawan Sharma, librarian Dr. Deepti Madaan and Dr. Suman Bharti, member, Library Committee.

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