Punjab Youth Congress to burn PM Modi’s Ravana effigy on Dussehra

Modi govt’s ego will be demolished just like that of Ravana: Brinder Dhillon

CHANDIGARH: Protesting against the three Farmer bills passed by the Narendra Modi led BJP government, Punjab Youth Congress on Saturday announced that it will be holding a symbolic protest on Dussehra by burning the ravana effigy of Prime Minister Narendra at Mansa. A bike rally will also be conducted in the villages of Mansa before burning the effigy.

In a statement Brinder Singh Dhillon, President, Punjab Youth Congress said,“people in masses will be participating in the effigy burning of Prime Minister Modi”. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government are the real Ravana of Farmers and the ego of the Modi government would be demolished soon.

Referring to the mythological king Ravana, Brinder Dhillon said, “The ego of Ravana who was the most powerful king on the earth and heaven in the time of Ram was demolished. The ego of Duryodhan who had 100 brothers was demolished by the Pandavas. Similarly, the ego of the Modi government will be demolished by the farmers.”

Even in the time of COVID- 19 pandemic, farmers provided food to all but today, the Modi government is trying to snatch their own food. The farmers today are on the roads against the dictatorship of the government but the Modi government should keep that in mind that if Farmers can vote them to power,  they can throw them out of power too.

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