PU postponed the Senate elections to all constituencies

CHANDIGARH: Whereas as per the schedule of Senate Election (2020-21), as approved by the Hon’ble Chancellor, the voting of six Ordinary fellows from two constituencies is to be held on 03.05.2021, as per details mentioned below:

ConstituencyNo. of VotersNo. of ContestantsNo. of Fellows to be electedNo. of Booths
Principals of Technical and Professional Colleges52050328
Staff of Technical and Professional Colleges7830403

Whereas out of 28 polling booths of above constituencies, 24 fall in various districts of the State of Punjab. The COVID guidelines of Punjab Govt. dated 19.04.2021 inter alia states that no gathering of people more than 20 shall be allowed and every gathering of over 10 persons shall require prior approval of District administration. Government of Punjab vide letter dated 27.04.2021 imposed the revised curfew timings, i.e., from 6:00 PM to 5:00 AM on weekdays and weekend curfew from 5:00 AM on Saturday to 5:00 AM on Monday and earlier instructions of Govt. of Punjab stand extended until further orders.

Whereas the office has sought permission from concerned district administrations to permit gathering of people more than 10 and facilitating the movement of Polling Parties from Chandigarh to respective Polling station on 02.05.2021 and return journey to Chandigarh on 03.05.2021, on the basis of duty order issued by the undersigned. The permission of the same was also sought from the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Punjab on 30.04.2021.

Whereas in response to the request of the University, the office of     Chief Secretary, Govt. of Punjab vide its DO letter no. 113-dated 30.4.2021(received via email) advised to postpone the elections at a later date, keeping in view the interest of human health and safety.

Whereas the State of Himachal Pradesh vide its letter dated 23.04.2021 has withdrawn its permission for conduct of elections of Registered Graduate constituency, which were scheduled to be held on 16.05.2021. The State of Haryana vide its notification no DMC-SPO-2020/5150 dated 29.04.2021 has ordered the closure of all educational institutions till 31.5.2021.

Now therefore, considering all aspects, it becomes infeasible to hold the Senate elections on the dates already notified, hence the Competent Authority has decided to postpone the dates of Senate elections of all the constituencies for the time being.

The new schedule shall be issued separately after taking account the latest COVID guidelines of all concerned states.

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