CHANDIGARH: The Punjab Vidhan Sabha will convene on August 28 for a one-day Constitutionally mandated session, for the first time since the Covid pandemic broke out.

The go-ahead for the session came on Monday during a video conference (VC) meeting of the state cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. The Cabinet noted the Constitutional requirement to hold a session within 6 months of the previous session and decided on a day-long session within two sittings on August 28, to be followed by a regular/longish session later, when the Covid situation improves.

With the Cabinet decision, the Punjab Governor has been authorized to convene the 12th Session of 15th Punjab Vidhan Sabha, as per clause (1) of Article 174 of the Constitution of India.

The session has been scheduled to open with obituary references, after which it will adjourn for a while and reconvene for the next sitting, during which legislative business will be conducted.

It may be recalled that the 11th session of the 15th Punjab Vidhan Sabha concluded on March 4, 2020. As per clause (1) of Article 174 of the Constitution of India, the Governor is authorized to summon the State Legislature to meet at such time and place, as he thinks fit. Six months shall not intervene between its last sitting in one session and the date appointed for its first sitting in the next session. Therefore, the 12th Session of 15th Punjab Vidhan Sabha is to be summoned before September 4, 2020.

According to the Rules of Business of Punjab Government, 1992, the approval of Council of Ministers is necessary for summoning of the session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha.

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